Saturday, 12 January 2013


Initial concept provided by outso.
My main aim is to produce a character that resembles the concept

12/1/13 - I thought I'll upload some progress shots just in case the worst happens. I started this yesterday, I mainly tried to do a basic block out of the entire thing. The screen shot above contains most of the character,  I also turbo-smoothed the mesh to see how well it'll hold the model especially when I import everything from max to zbrush. The character is quite slim but looks even more slim in places due to the turbo-smooth (not to worry) as I can add volume later on zbrush later, some stuff i just modeled out the high poly straight away in max.
Next step?- well at the moment my aim is to get parts slightly cleaned up and everything fully blocked out so i can start the sculpting; i started bringing stuff into zbrush yesterday but thought ill wait before I blocked out everything. I'll also get some real life reference, because even though I modeled the initial look based of the  provided concept, it'll be especially useful when when it comes to texturing later on.

14/1/13 - i think the model is on track, I think I took a little longer than expected on  deciding a few of the stuff such as the type of trousers and stuff; I've imported everything in to zbrush and started sculpting. This time I am focusing a bit more on the quality as-well so ive taken extra lengths to have a better game plan and do the right amount of prep work. Although i have a few weeks to do this model (probably 3 weeks) I do not want to procrastinate or get too carried away, especially when it comes to deciding various elements in the character.

After spending way too long deciding i decided to narrow it down to some trousers that I was kinda settling with...simple and something not denim...although there's a few denim in the mood board.

18/1/13 -
more refs

Wip- I was supposed to post this earlier but I decided to fix the changes before I did. The main aim is to sculpt a natural female; as you can see Ive made some changes to the base mesh but I ensured that the silhouette didn't change much. The sculpting is almost done for the most part, but there are still some areas left which I still need to tweak and actively sculpt; hoping to get the sculpt finished so I can go to the next step.